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did you guys see this...

Perhaps not a "call out" as you like to put it, but someone should tell Andy Roddick ... complaining about getting semifinal prize money after he and Fish pulled out of the doubles final at the last minute, giving the tournament organisers and the fans, not to mention their opponents, the shaft, is not a good look. This is the ATP (i.e. your playing brethren) policy, Andy -- not management trying to stick it to labour -- and the policy is a sound one. Sure, Roddick's willingness to speak his mind is refreshing, it's just a shame that his opinions so often reveal him to be a jerk.
--Rob, Sydney

• I don't always agree with Roddick, especially for on his on-court outbursts. But off-court, I am usually in his corner. First of all, I say we give him a pass for this gem: "The ATP stands for Association of Tennis Professionals; it should be the Association of Tie People." (Presumably, that's a dig at the ATP's flawed board structure?). Second, for all the apathetic athletes living in the Me Bubble, how do you knock an athlete for having and expressing informed opinions? Finally, on this particular issue, I'm not so sure he's in the wrong here.

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i guess the link didnt work but if you read this question in the article there is a link to this thread lol
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