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Originally Posted by jrepac View Post
I loved Chris's game, but when she played Manuela I wanted to slit my wrists...
I HATE moonballers which is why I could never be a fan of the mind-numbing clay court games of Sanchez Vicario and Martinez. But I never really minded Chris' battles with Manuela because every ball had a purpose to it and you could see the strategy. It was about positioning, nuetralizing Chris' flat ground strokes, and getting a shot at a short forehand which was Manuela's best shot. These exchanges wouldn't last forever. Manuela was a lot like Andrea Jaeger, the older she got the less she moonballed.

I'll never forget the experience of having watched Sanchez in Rome one year where there was no point to the moonballing. It's just what they wanted to do to see who would miss first. There was another match in Paris around 1994 or 1996 when the French fans just started booing Sanchez and whoever her opponent was.....might've been Habsudova. By the time the match ended there were scarcely 100 people left on Court Centrale.

I suppose there actually was a point to Martinez's constant moonballing against Capriati in 1990 or 1991 at the French. They were on an outside court and it looked like Martinez wanted to see if she could make the ball leave the court off one bounce. But I guess she figured that was her best chance to win....and she did.
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