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If this thread helps just one person out there to become a better person, husband, brother son or daughter then we can say it was truly worth it all. Paul McCartney used to say that Lennon was "like having our own little Elvis in the group..." In other words his fame and influence was even beyond Sgt Pepper or that Hey Jude crap when Linda destroyed the music with her poor photography and secret stairwell pot smoaking.

So with us, we have Jolly who is like having our own little Borg or Connors: Jolly transcends even the most GOATable GOATs. This says a lot about the power of the Internet and the struggle we're all facing to simply make a difference in random Internet tennis player's lives. Jolly's influence is the kind of thing 60 Minutes investigates on nights/weekends, but never come up with a definitive answer. Its an enigma wrapped up and always eaten and enjoyed like hot sex in the morning or a firm and steaming microwaved breakfast burrito...

Believe in Jolly, the rewards are epic...I can testify.
This is a song about a car.

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