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i had the pleasure of hitting today with the one who is Jolly. as i was bludgeoned with groundstroke after groundstroke by his 2x4 of a racquet. i could feel the energy and excitement that he put into every all, as it resonated throughout my entire body and deep down to my soul. i can't help to be a better person as i became witness to all the weapons in his arsenal... explosive topspin, knifing approach shots, screaming swinging volleys, and incredible reflex volleys with the precision of a surgeon. i and all who were in witness were in awe. i had to muster every ounce of my strength just to stay in rallies as he gleefully shuffled and split-stepped toward the net to finish me off point after point. as if the sun peeking through the clouds on an overcast today, i would have small chances to probe his one weakness, but alas i could not keep a topspin lob in the court.

after i was able to recover my strength with a shower, rice and beans, and rest, i felt so empowered that i was able to fight off the oncoming apocalypse. no need to thank me.

if only others could be so honored to experience what i have, the world would truly be a better place. maybe tomorrow i'll cure cancer...or maybe not.

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