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Originally Posted by AlpineCadet View Post
Right, dennis. I also happen to know each of you personally, along with your FBs, and your mothers' maiden names and their favorite toilet paper, but I prefer to laugh at the funny stuff like getting trolled and being able to post about it esp. when I've got a support group of devoted fanboys backing my internet posts. *Also, unsubscribed. Thanks, see you in another thread.
Dude, you couldn't have known me personally because I don't hang out with losers. My mom passed away but I would have liked to have seen her switched from Charmin to AlpineCadet as her favorite brand of TP. Maybe her last days in the ICU would have been a little bit better if they could have used you instead of Charmin. One will never know.

Why don't you just unsubscribe yourself from all of Jolly's thread?
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