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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
I'd like to know what Gonzeles success on 1st and 2nd serves was. Virtually everyone who played Gonzales, including Kramer and Trabert, has said that his serve was the best they'd ever seen.
I'd like to see such a stat for Von Cramm, given what was said about his second serve.

Here's a page from A Terrible Splendor where Fisher describes von Cramm's second serve as possibly better than his first:

And yet here's a description of Budge taking von Cramm's second serve on the rise during the fifth set of their Davis Cup meeting:

"Budge, after holding serve to make the score 4-2, decided he must gamble to pull himself back from the abyss. The baron's serve, particularly his second delivery, tended to kick high off the grass and at a tricky angle. To nullify that high hopper, Budge moved a step closer to the net, hoping to catch the ball on the rise with his superb backhand, which may have been the best the game has ever known. Luck was also with Budge, for Von Cramm, in his eagerness to close out the match, began missing his first service. Only once in the critical seventh game did the baron get his first serve in, and that was the only point he won. Budge took each second serve on the rise and drove Von Cramm deep, setting up a volley."
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