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Does anybody have a video of the 'Breakfast at Wimbledon' wrap-up highlights that were narrated by Dick Enberg in 1985, or it might have been 1986?

It was set to the theme music from St. Elmo's Fire. I remember part of the narration that showed a close-up of Becker smiling and Enberg said something about "when he smiles, he smiles with his whole face."

I thought it was '85 but may very well have been '86. If anyone has a video of the finals from either one of those years, recorded from NBC, it would have been at the end, just before they went off the air.

I specifically remember that music from St. Elmo's Fire which sounds like this for those who don't know it:

If someone finds it, it would be great if it could be uploaded to youtube.
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