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Default Dunlop Black Widow 58/61

BW/OG 58/61

Was a good experience. Easy, no hitches. The string is a bit sharp when stringing crosses but not a big issue. I string on a 6pt crank machine so I usually can feel the stretch or elasticity of a string. Poly tends to be relatively crisp and lock out right away-- BW had a bit more stretch to it. Playing with the half set off a reel, it feels a bit softer than most polys I've dealt with.

A bit of a Lux Rough feeling where balls seem to dip in just before the baseline. Very comfortable hitting flat as well. Unfortunately, this died out fairly quickly (much faster than Lux).

Serving-- Definitely a fun string to serve with when fresh. Nice flat serves, great control over spin. Unfortunately this becomes a bit uncontrollable as tension drops. My favorite part about this string combination is undoubtedly the sound-- it's an absolute gunshot when you flatten out serves.

Volleys-- All the normal good stuff. Easy to snap down. I had much success with more touch based shots (something I'm not good with at all).

Tension maintenance-- There was a noticeable drop in tension from the first play to the next-- arguably I played 2 hours of hard tennis and took the frame directly off my stringing machine. After those first two hours--- NADA. Strings were loose and sloppy, moving all over the place.

Durability-- oof. Less than 4 hours of play, 1-2:Heavy play 3: very casual play 3-pop Heavy play. Granted this is a POG so we'll see.

** I strung 3 frames with this combination, the second two 60/62. All three frames popped in under 3 hours in the same exact spot (picture below)

What surprised me most about this string is how soft feeling it is. When you wind into shots, you can definitely feel the flex and response. As much as I'm prone to liking this string for it's initial play values, I hate to say it stinks in terms of tension maintenance. While the string is very lively and soft and has the potential to be a great "spin-string" in this frame, this tension loss in totally not acceptable.

Poly Based Final verdict
Groundstrokes: 4/5
Serves: 4/5
Volleys: 4/5
Spin: 5/5 when fresh
Tension: 2/5

29/40 overall

For the full, unedited review view here

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