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Default WeissCannon SilverString 60/62

SilverString/OG 60/62

Currently testing this and TourBite side by side

SilverString is my GoTo when dealing with Poly. I love the stuff-- it offers an even play throughout the life of the string

Solid feel here as expected. Even response, no surprises. Spin is good, not fantastic, but definitely accessible. Flat strokes yield a nice, penetrating ball. It produces a consistent, even ball. What you put is what you get, no real surprises. Towards the end of play, spin became harder to access but the flat response shots were dynamite

Decent pop, Average spin. Still getting used to the POGs. I'm finding that the MPH on my flat serve is less but the precision is definitely higher. Much easier to bomb down the T on the Ad side. I think SS is better for penetrating the court than hooking angles (could just be my style of serving)

Does what you'd expect it to, haha. Placement is good, touch, a little less than preferred but still solid, I must say, I liked Black Widow a bit better on the volleys.

Tension maintenance:
INFINITELY BETTER THAN BLACK WIDOW!!!! Ugh. I can't stress it enough. While the tension has dropped a bit from my first play it's still tolerable. The bed still feels tight and responsive.

Hmm, I'm at 4-5 hours and counting? Strings are still springy. Shifting is there but at a tolerable level for 14x18 pattern. Notching is about 1/4-1/2 through the poly mains depending on where you look. Not bad.

Boom goes the dynamite (for those Breaking In fans out there)... Popped at 6 hrs

Hehe, please don't mind my notes in the background-- I was writing up the results for a lab.

Groundies: 4/5
Volleys: 4/5
Serves 3.5-4/5
Comfort: 4/5
Spin: 3.5/5
Tension retention: 5/5
Durability:4/5 (Based on the POG findings so far.)

Total 32.5/40
SS suits my game-- it's low powered and a consistent play.

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