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Default Tour Bite 60/62

Reserved for TourBite

Stringing: Cakewalk-- In the POG Mid it's not an issue at all-- I can see it being a touch annoying doing a full job in say.... my prestige mid

I feel like this is one of those strings that really needs to settle before you hit with it. My first experience was less than fun. I was expecting something really awesome and I wasn't too sure of results. Some shots had great depth and penetration while others fell short, hit the net, went long. There was a bit of an inconsistent response from the string bed. After hitting with it for a while, things evened out. Decent flat strokes, it's definitely a string you need to step into the ball with. Relatively low powered in comparison to the high grade polys out there. Spin is there though. I had an hour long hitting session with a 4.5 friend of mine and he noticed a jump in my forehand when switching from the SilverString test racquet to the Tour Bite. Tonight, I played a doubles match and played with the TB frame-- Nice flat strokes and nice spin potential. There were a few shots where I was expecting the ball to hit tape or go long and was pleasantly surprised at the loop over the net and a clip of tape.

Final: Played solid until it popped-- I liked this string much more once it settled. Started hitting with my "creative" TB/Gosen today and the feel was right on-- I think the frame just needed time off the machine.

Got the chance to work on some hard spin serves and some flat based serves today-- much better. The string is solid overall and yields a nice bite to the ball. If you understand proper pronation and can give it that extra bit of "wrist" as you're about to hit the ball it pays off in spades.

Solid, nice response off the string bed. Frame does what it needs, no more, no less. Penetration is key here, This string is great for keeping the ball deep and low in the court. Reflex volleys were above average.

Tension maintenance:
So far so good-- As I mentioned before, this string really needs to settle. I'm making a very bad habit of pulling frames fright off my machine and going to play (poor time management I suppose). Will update as I play more. Pretty solid, I didn't really have issues with shifting--at least not that I noticed. Racquet felt good until the last. If anything, I liked it a bit more once it settled and I understood what to expect of the strings.

So we're looking at ~4.5+ hours of quality hitting here. That's pretty solid considering the string played well until it popped. I really wasn't expecting it to go until I hit a big inside-out forehand. The sound scared the heck out of me-- It was getting dark and I thought that I shanked and cracked the frame somehow. Split right in the middle though.

Biggest pro: The sound-- Good GOD this thing thunders when you flatten out the ball. I missed 2 forehands a bit deep tonight and instead of getting on my case for busting out the rocket launcher to the open court, my partner just had this stupid grin on his face-- "that sh*t's scary...." he says.

Groundies: 4/5
Volleys: 3.5-4/5
Serves 4/5
Comfort: 4/5
Spin: 4/
Power: 3.5/5
Tension retention: 4/5
Durability 4/5

Solid impressions-- Gotta say, I really liked this string. After the second frame I'm diggin' it. Going to be tough to beat in this racquet. B5E Is up next, hope it gives TB a good run for its money

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