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Reserved for B5E

Overall a very solid play-- People weren't kidding when they said that B5E is a textured Silver String

Stringing: Saaaaame as SS. Perhaps a touch sharp but nothing insane. Easy in the POG

Groundies-- Nice measure of control. Not particularly powerful. The string does what you ask it to. The strength of this string lies more in working spin shots than flat shots. The access to hitting flat is there and it's fairly controlled but I found best results when driving the ball and hitting penetrating topspin. I didn't notice anything in the silly, high bouncing shots department. Unfortunately I tried No luck for me. Towards the end of the life of the string, I found the feel to be a bit harsh or boardy on ground strokes. Nothing particularly damning to my play-test but a bit surprising for a WeissCannon string. Perhaps it's due to the hot cold fluctuations/ the fact that the frame has been sitting for a while but It felt like I was hitting with plastic.

Service: Solid but definitely a control based string. You can swing out on serves without too much difficulty. Access to spin is there. I had good luck hitting kick serves and topspin serves with this setup.

Volleys: Placement is good, volleys are pretty snappy with this frame. I'd prefer a slightly softer setup if I were to be doing a lot of serve and volleying.

Tension: Stayed very solid throughout the play of the string. The last hour of so, I felt like the string died out. My possible explanation for that is that I did not play this frame straight as I did the others. I took a 2 week break where I didn't really hit or play at all. Other than that, very happy with the tension retension

Durability-- I think I had something like 6ish hours out of the string. Awesome for what I've been getting recently.

Frankly, I'm a touch disappointed with B5E. [Patience, I'll qualify this statement]. I was expecting something really innovative from WeissCannon. What I think came out is a slightly different SilverString. The formula is tried and true and what you get is nothing short of great. What I was expecting is something different and I got more of the same solid product. B5E does differ from Silverstring in that it does seem to be a better "spin" string than SilverString but it doesn't make huge leaps and bounds. If I were finding this string for the first time I'd be very happy with it, I'd undoubtedly buy a reel. Fortunately, I've been playing silverstring for some time now and still have a solid stock. I can't justify the purchase of another reel while I still have the SilverString.

Groundies: 4/5
Volleys: 4/5
Serves -4/5
Comfort: 4/5
Spin: 4/5
Tension retention: 5/5
Durability:4/5 (Based on the POG findings so far.)
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