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Here's a reference to the strength of Tilden's second serve:

"The champion’s second ball was a big thorn in Johnston’s side, breaking too high and wide for him to do more than to get the tip of his racquet on it and send back a short return, which Tilden put away for a point."

(That's the NY Times report on the 1924 final at Forest Hills which Tilden won over Johnston 6-1, 9-7, 6-2).

However because of the strength of Tilden's first serve I'd be surprised if he ever had greater success on second serve.

It's tough to say because I haven't found any boxscores from back then which calculated that stat -- or even first serves successfully made.

For example the Times boxscore for this match has the game scores. From that you can calculate the points won on service:

Tilden won 60 of 86 points on serve (70%)
Johnston won 47 of 90 points on serve (52%)

... but nothing about the difference between first and second serves.
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