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Originally Posted by Mdubb23 View Post
Djokovic and Murray's sticks don't have codes. They are completely custom racquets with custom molds, layups, and drill patterns. To date, these are the only two Head players who don't use coded racquets. The codes are as follows, keeping in mind that the .1's are 18x20, the .2's stiffer 16x19s, and the .3's flexier 16x19s:

--TGK219.1,2,3--Pro Stock Extremes
--TGK231.1,2,3--Pro Stock Radicals
--TGK237.1,2,3--Pro Stock Prestige Mids
--TGK238.1,2,3--Pro Stock Prestige MPs
--TGK262.1,2,3--Pro Stock Thin-Beamed Speed Pros
--TGK263.1,2,3--Pro Stock Thicker-Beamed Speed Pros
--PT57A--Pro Tour 630
--PT57E--There's a lot of controversy. Some believe it's a stiffer layup of the 630, whereas others believe it's the i.Prestige mold and layup. Head touring pros seem to think it's the old 630 though, as Ernests Gulbis told me after a match that he uses "the old blue one."
--PT10--Prestige Classic 600

Hope this helps.
Do only Pro Stock frames have codes? Or are they the only ones with codes on the PJ? I changed the pallet on my stock MG Prestige Mid today, and under the pallet on the frame, there was small writing that says TGK237.1 (The 1 may be a T, but I'm not sure..I took a pic and can post later if this isn't normal). Are these codes standard for all frames and just posted to the cosmetics of the pro stock frames, or does the code just indicate which mold is used, regardless of stock/prostock? But, I would think Pro Stock racquets would have a different layup for the same mold, so now I'm confused...
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