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Please... before you consent to surgery spend a few dollars on this book:

I went through a period a few months ago where I had serious neck, shoulder and arm pain. Chiro had me on a decompression table (time consuming and expensive) and was talking epidural or surgery to correct my "disc problem" that had been identified on a series of X-Rays.

I was not willing to have back problems at my age, so I went looking for answers. I found a reference to this book, ordered it, read it, and tried it.

Within one week I was almost pain free. What had become debilitating was almost gone for $15 and a little effort. I could sleep again and I could serve again.

The book claims that a wide variety of issues that are blamed on misalignment, joints, and inflammation, including TE and CT are actually trigger point (muscle contraction) issues that can be resolved with self treatment. After my experience I am a firm believer.

Worth $15 and a week to find out for yourself.

Oh, and it will make you angry at doctors... especially chiropractors.
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