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This thing was ridiculous. How can anyone say that they knew what Sprem knew ? I watched that point several times and it appeard that she was confused on who was to serve next because she took two serves on the ad side and then expected to take her turn on the deuce side, but then the score was odd so it looked like at that point Sprem didn't know what to do. Then Venus served, and in effect Sprem lost her turn to serve on the deuce side.

Why would anyone say that Sprem knew of the score mistake as if it were impossible not to know? Venus didn't know the score and she was the veteran player and former champ?

I find it very wrong of Roddick to comment on Sprem. How many times has Roddick called an opponent's ball out when it was good and then he gets huffy with the linesperson who called it good? How noble and honest is that? Roddick shouldn't judge other people and toot his own horn.
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