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Originally Posted by mikej View Post
lol, whatever feddie

i'm not going to argue with you about whether it's impressive that an incoming freshman has already reached the round of 32 of the us open, taking out a seed on the way

i know you like to cause this board to be littered with such arguments that a person less mentally challenged than yourself would find laughable, but not this time

you're right, those were pretty crappy wins for capra
Tsay's record is more impressive:

Overall Record for Tsay against other top players: 6-4

Date Wins Losses Score
4/11/11 F. Altick ('12) 7-5;6-2
4/11/11 S. Morton ('12) 6-3;6-2
4/11/11 K. McPhillips ('12) 3-6;6-3;6-2
9/5/10 U. Eikeri
9/5/10 E. Svitolina
8/8/10 J. Pfeifler 6-3;6-0
8/8/10 E. Zabor 7-5;6-2
8/8/10 J. Vrabel ('12) 6-4;6-0
8/8/10 S. Rogers
8/8/10 J. Pegula ('12) 6-3;6-2
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