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Originally Posted by Fedace View Post
Tsay's record is more impressive:

Overall Record for Tsay against other top players: 6-4

Date Wins Losses Score
4/11/11 F. Altick ('12) 7-5;6-2
4/11/11 S. Morton ('12) 6-3;6-2
4/11/11 K. McPhillips ('12) 3-6;6-3;6-2
9/5/10 U. Eikeri
9/5/10 E. Svitolina
8/8/10 J. Pfeifler 6-3;6-0
8/8/10 E. Zabor 7-5;6-2
8/8/10 J. Vrabel ('12) 6-4;6-0
8/8/10 S. Rogers
8/8/10 J. Pegula ('12) 6-3;6-2

6-4 (tsay) vs 23-6 and US open rd of 32 (capra)

yes, tsay is much more impressive


with the emergence of dawgie dawg and fedace's continued insanity, this marks mikej's final post under the college tennis section of talk TW

to almost everyone on this forum -
thanks for all the discussions, this has been a fun place to keep up with college tennis - i'll be sure to still drop in to read stuff from time to time and find out what's going on in the college game, and to laugh at the ridiculous arguments that i can think of no other way to rid myself of than to make this retirement announcement (and thus look like an idiot if i come back and post) - yes, i have very little self-control in the realm of internet arguing

and specifically to the uva fans -
i hope someday really soon your guys get that NCAA gorilla off their back - the moment will be that much sweeter when it finally comes now that it's abundantly clear how tough it is to win one (also i'm incredibly envious that you guys have your own forum to discuss college tennis without all the craziness of this one - i'd switch to posting over there if it weren't so UVA-centric)

with that, i'm out - as always, go duke!
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