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Originally Posted by Aggro View Post

Q - How much per month would a level 3 coach be looking to make on average?

EDIT: Sorry - reason for asking is that i've been looking at the lta website for jobs and an esporta one came up in oxfordshire at a club where 3 of my level 3 coaches work and the hours are 20 - 30 per week and 25 per hour average - thats more than i make in a month !! even with travelling i would be 3x more than normal
Got to bear in mind that Esporta coaches pay a monthly rent to the club though Joe and their hourly rate is 50% gross pro-rata. In other words, they get 50% gross of the income from the groups they run, so if you get 10 people paying 5 each for an hours group coaching you get 25. If you get 3 people, you get 7.50! Don't know what the rent at The Oxfordshire is, but I know The Hampshire club was around 600 per month and it's bigger so I would guess the Oxfordshire would be around 300 - 400 per month.

Esporta have just been bought out by the Virgin group, so their whole racquets model may change in the near future anyway. Will try to find out more later.

Lloyd's do it differently in that you pay your "rent" by way of free hours to the club (around 8 per week for a full time pro) and then you earn the full hit for your private lessons.

As for what a lvl 3 should earn, it really depends on the market you're in! In a commercial club in an affluent area you can charge a lot more - I know Lvl 3's in some London Lloyd's clubs who are charging 40+ per hour for a private lesson. I charge 30 where I am (I am well worth it ) but I have a friend who charges 20 where he works (and he is an excellent coach) because that's all market forces will allow.

When I first started coaching I was asking the clubs I worked for around 15-20 per hour if the club wanted to pay me and take the revenue themselves. Other clubs, I took all the risk and took all the revenue!

I know that doesn't help your maths much, but it might give you an idea!

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