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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post

OMG... 3000! ... I'd imagine you'll never want to string another frame ever again after this monumental turnover?... BTW, so how's it going with getting a date/beer in with Wozi and the others!?

She's not using the official stringing service. We suspect she is with either RPNY or Yonex. No luck with the other hot women; they tend to send their coaches in instead.

Here are some actual conversations from the stringing room today:

Fan: Who are you stringing for?
Me: Jamie Murray.
Fan: Andy Murray?
Me: No, Jamie Murray.
Fan: Who's that then?
Me: It's Andy's brother.
Fan: Is he playing the juniors then?
Me: No, mixed doubles.
Fan: Are you the Murray family's personal stringer?

Coach: I have two rackets I need to get strung.
Reception: Ok, when do you need them?
Coach: She plays in half an hour at 4.30.
Reception: Ok, but it's actually 4.20 now.

Passed 350 rackets today. Expecting at least 6 from the Bryan's tomorrow. Had a chat with them earlier today. They asked me how my fingers were, whether their rackets were easy to string and how long they take me. Really nice lads.
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