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I'm hoping the tennis industry will start making racquets just right in stock form.

Pro racquets today weigh 345 grams with the balance point at 30.5mm. They are not heavy, children can use racquets with those specs. The problem is, the tennis industry and insiders who run the game think those pro racquets that children can use will destroy the game. And they think racquets that are less accurate and less effective will take tennis back to the graceful days of old. So, the industry refuses to offer truly good racquets.

They give us "granny racquets" which make it easy to block the ball back but can't generate power. We can get "player's racquets" that feel heavy and are a little hard to use. But I have a 345 gram Pure Drive balanced at 30.5mm that old ladies and children love. The exact racquet can be used by pros.

The tennis industry won't make and sell that racquet because they think it will destroy the game. But I still work as a stringer at a very good tennis shop and we just got some of the newest Head Team racquets in.

The Head Team racquets are a light version of the Flexpoint Radicals and Instincts. Adding a tapered weight to the top of the handle like this (notice what I mean by high polar moment if inertia) makes the new Team Instincts and Radicals that we just got nearly perfect.

But adding the same weight to the older Flexpoints or to the nCode 90 just makes them feel heavy.

The new nBlade racquets might be racquets that are totally devoted to 1950's balance, while the new Instincts and Radicals that we just got are close to my ideal. So maybe the industry is going it two directions. Free market forces are still in operation, and Head is not cooperating with the establishment; that is, if the establishment wants to go back to 1950's balance because they think it will bring back serve and volley.

The newest Head racquets can be easily modified into good pro style racquets that can be weighted correctly. Maybe Head just wants to sell racquets!
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