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17 years ago, we found the ideal racquet for everything, and it has been kept off the market for 15 years, so far.

Right now, just about all the pros have it, but average players can't get it. There are two directions it can go. We can start to get the good racquets; or, the industry might try to take the good racquets away from pros. They want to go to the racquet design they had planned to go to when the Hammer was born. They want to go to the Profile idea, a racquet that flopped, which had a light handle, it was light at the top of the head, and it was heavy in the middle of the frame, just like its shape suggests.

The ideal serve and volley racquet for tennis is a racquet that doesn't allow anyone to return the ball accurately. That's what we saw in Venus, Serena, and Roddick's losses: inaccurate shots.

Volleyers block the ball into the open court and hit big serves. It was when racquets improved and allowed accurate returns that serve and volley disappeared. Someone who is powerful wants to bring back inaccurate racquets. They are actually doing it, and Roddick, Serena, and Venus do not understand why they could not hit accurately. This is not about how to make better racquets, but it is a spirtual struggle for tennis. The other guys don't want better racquets, and they say it over and over; but tennis boomed as we got metal racquets and the Prince Pro. It boomed as we got better racquets.

The answer, to bring back volleying and make the game less stressful, with fewer injuries is to make the court narrower. The doubles court is narrower for each player, and doubles is a game that works better than it ever has worked, today, with the better racquets.
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