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So wait. If i'm understanding this correctly...racquets today have a lack of feel and associated accuracy due to the weight being primarily at the top and middle of the racquet...

So wouldn't the addition of weight at the top of the handle contribute to this effect?

Otherwise how do you counter the effect? Most racquets would probably end up rather heavy I assume, but, where would you add the weight? At the top and in the handle?

Also there are some Wilson frames that might be great for customizing in the same fashion as the new Head Team racquets.
The Wilson nPS 95 is basically a lighter version of the N6.1 95 which when weighted up properly would be a much better performing version of the N6.1 95????? Also the Wilson H Blaze was a good hammer style racquet that was basically a lighter version of the H Tour, this would probably easy to weight.

Also I am wondering if this may tie into what was posted on...darn...the name of the sight escapes me at the moment but...racketdesign or something. They advocate weighting the handle of racquets, in this case they found a Hammer 6.2? maybe? to perform best when they added considerable weight to the handle.

Making that racquet an average weight rather than a light weight hammer type, would that be the same type of weight allocation??? Concentration in the head of the racquet and handle?
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