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I not feel the Love from The Love Game poaster? Why like this? Why poasting pickchures from different tournaments in order to displaying the SPAMMMMING?? Thees not way to live like peaceful Rogialwaysnice who stands aloft the Dubai tournament crowned champion multiple times and Doha, Qatar always niceandGOAT to continue GOATing from the pastimes Champpionnes of the FYB Game liek Petros Samprasse and GOD Laver. I thienk somebody angrie bcos Wozerniacki Apple Danish losing much too early for the tounrament expectations - live more like Rogi and learn from him to be more friendlier. If not please desist and leave. I shall defend GHOATbrother and fellow Nikepurveyor JoelDali to the death, please do not continue with theises activityies in attacking Poape Joel.

We all be more liek thises in peaceness
Roger love. True class Rogi.
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