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Originally Posted by johncauthen
In the 1920's, all racquets had the exact same weighting that we have redeveloped over the last 15 years, and the tennis was baseline tennis.

In the 1930's racquets changed to having more weight in the middle like this Wilson Jack Kramer, notice the added overlays in the shoulders. Tennis changed to serve and volley.

This old racquet didn't have those overlays, and the tennis was baseline.

It has weight at the top of the handle and weight at the top of the head.

Experts think if we had racquets with more weight in the middle, that would bring back serve and volley, because those racquets have less control no matter how much you practice with them. Players can't hit passing shots, which theoretically brings back serve and volley. And so, the experts are imposing racquets with less control on tennis to bring back serve and volley.

The irony is that Jack Kramer used a racquet with a form of 1920's weighting. Well, that's like Federer using a racquet with ideal 1920's style weighting and beating everybody.

You might notice, with everyone else the tennis is less entertaining. That will be true for the rest of the Australian Open, and in the next year, because for all pros (except Federer) they are going back to the weight in the middle theory, but that's all the tennis will be: less entertaining. Players won't go back to serve and volley. The idyllic idea of touch and feel won't come into the game. It will just be less entertaining than it has been.
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