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Originally Posted by goober View Post
Wondering what Jenkins is doing theses days... It appears he is out of professional tennis and last year took a coaching job Kennesaw State University.

Brian Baker was freaky good as a junior and was on an upward professional trajectory when he had his first knee injury and surgery in the fall of '05'. That cut short his pro career. He turned pro out of high school and never played college tennis. I did hear at one point he was a volunteer assistant at Vandy. If you want to be impressed look at his ITF profile and use the calendar filters going back to around 2000-2008 or so. Be sure to also look at his junior career. He beat nearly every top pro in today's game.
He did play a few challenger level events in '07'. I even got to see him play one of those matches in Nashville. Although he looked tremendously good then, it looked to me he still hobbled a little on the knee at times. I bet he can still play serious tennis today, although just not at the pro level.

Jenkins is the assistant coach at Kennesaw State.
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