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So I have now tried a couple of sets of this and can give a bit of feedback.
I strung up the Mamba Gear at 56-58 mains and crosses.
My thoughts on the Gear are that it seemed pretty soft. Definately softer than I expected and I did not feel that I got much bite on the ball. Spin actually seemed a bit low both on groundies and on serve. Power was pretty hi and I felt like the stringbed really had a lot of trampoline effect to it. Directional control also seemed to suffer with this string as well. Overall I would give it 5.5/10.
Next I tried the regular Black Mamba at 57/59 mains and crosses. Went up a bit to account for how soft the gear was.

This string I actually really like. It feels very similar to RPM with just slightly more power and I mean very slightly. I felt I got good bite and spin on my shots and the results were predictable. Serves felt excellent. I had plenty of power but also enough spin to keep the ball in. Directional control was good. Overall I would say that this is just a very little bit softer than RPM and as a result just slightly higher powered. Tension maintenance is good so far. DST has only dropped about 4 lb. in 4 hours of hitting. For the cost this is a very nice string that I plan to give some more time to and see what happens.
Thanks Mamba for the opportunity.
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