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Originally Posted by a0f6459 View Post

First off I can't believe I read through 30+ pages, but this thread is very informative.

I found the first page about finding the right tension by checking depth on the ball especially helpful.

My question is about matching tension with lead tape customization.

1) Should you find the right string tension first before going to customization?
2) Say you finally have the right tension because you have good depth on your ball, won't adding lead make you start hitting it out because of the higher swing weight?
3) On that same train of thought, should you string it with tension so that you have depth beyond service line, but ample distance from the baseline so that you can add weight in still be able to keep the ball in?

Apologies in advanced if I'm not asking the right questions, but I also spent some time reading up on lead tape customization and was wondering how these two go hand in hand as far as getting the correct setup calibrated.

As far as my game, I am a baseliner that only goes to the net when pulled up there by short balls. I was coached as a kid all the way through high school, so my swing technique is solid. I do not hit tons if topspin, just what comes naturally within my normal swing so although I have not tried it yet, I'm pretty sure it will be a deploarized setup.

Thanks in advance.
Would you settle on a particular tension, and then change frames? Probably not. If you consider that a modified frame is essentially a different racquet altogether, then you understand that you should modify your frame before experimenting with string type and tension. To do otherwise is simply putting the horse before the cart.

Practically speaking, it's also much easier (and quicker) to apply and remove tape than it is to experiment with tension.
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