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Originally Posted by Agent Orynge View Post
Would you settle on a particular tension, and then change frames? Probably not. If you consider that a modified frame is essentially a different racquet altogether, then you understand that you should modify your frame before experimenting with string type and tension. To do otherwise is simply putting the horse before the cart.

Practically speaking, it's also much easier (and quicker) to apply and remove tape than it is to experiment with tension.
Thanks for the reply.

To me it seems like chicken or egg unless I am understanding customization incorrectly. From those threads it seems that you would also add or subtract lead when you have reached the depth that you want off of your shots.

So if tension is adjusted based on depth and customization is based on depth, I'm not not quite sure how to reconcile the two.

So in your suggestion, I would add tape to what I already have strung. Would I add tape until I felt that I was hitting the ball nice and heavy? (and possibly hitting it out at this point) Then would I increase string tension to decrease depth to start getting the ball in?

Does that make sense?
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