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Originally Posted by limitup View Post
I just cringe when I think of all the horrible strokes this poor guy is developing. I mean just look at his "serve". Ouch!
Without commenting on the Xmas Device, I often did think it might be useful when teaching kids to serve to find an effective means of suspending the ball at the correct placement for contact, to allow them to focus on the mechanics of the stroke without worrying about the toss (much less trying to hit a poor toss, which limits chances for building good muscle memory/ habits). Plus, once they are used to seeing the ball at a certain relationship (height, distance), they can then know what spot to practice their toss towards, and then hopefully integrate the motion.

I'd often wondered if a long fishing pole with a bit of velcro hook (just enough to hold the ball, yet release on contact) at the end of the line instead of a fishing hook might do the trick. Anyone ever try that?

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