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Originally Posted by croatian sensation
Ok...I didn't watch the match and couldn't completley figure out what happend so please can anyone explain it to me? I feel like a total idiot...everyone's talking about it and I'd really like to know. Thnx.
OK, I didn't really see the point happening, but I did catch some replays. Kiefer hit a volley or a half-volley and Grosjean volleyed it back but flubbed it. Kiefer threw up his racquet even before the point was over, thinking that he had lost the point, but he threw did this as Grosjean attempted the volley. The racquet landed on the opposite side of the net near Grosjean, who complained about it. There was a sort of debate about whether it was deliberately done to hinder Grosjean from making the shot. The umpire awarded the point to Kiefer anyway.
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