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Default If there were no rain delays.....a different result???

I strongly feel that had there been no rain delays during the men's final, that Roddick would have won this match, perhaps even in straight sets. The way Roddick came out at the start firing on all cylinders playing no holds barred tennis was just incredible. Had he been able to keep up that level of play for a couple of more sets, he would be holding the champion's cup right now instead of Federer. I really think that those two rain delays caused Roddick to cool down and allowed the adreneline in his veins to drop off a bit, so that when he came back from them, he definitely lost some of the intensity that he had in the 1st set. Federer played well, as usual, in all 4 sets. I thought he even played very well in the 1st set but there was nothing he could have done to stop Roddick the way Roddick was playing in that 1st set. I mean groundstrokes at over 100mph? Come on, now!
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