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...seemingly with every passing day, good ol' play-by-the-rules USC seems to have yet another charge filed against them or another penalty levied. If it's not the woman's tennis program, the men's basketball program, or an overall NCAA admonishment for "lack of institutional control" (lack of institutional control?? -- are we talking "university" or the O.J. Simpson Psycho Ward?), it's something else. Well, good ol' USC somehow topped even themselves--going for the gusto and somehow taking it to the 'next level' :


now THAT's extreme, even by SC *cough* "standards"

Let us mourn their loss in reverent song:

Sung to the tune:
"If You're Cheating and They KNOW it 'Clap' Your Hands"

a 1, and a 2, and a 3, and a 4,....and..

"If they stripped you of your title, RAISE YOUR HANDS.."

"If they stripped you of your title, RAISE YOUR HANDS.."

"..if '04's now sitting idle,
'cause they stripped of your title,

"If they stripped you of your title, RAISE YOUR HANDS!!"

"Beating the 'Rap' " - by O.J. Hammer

I'm the wife-beatard, O.J. Hammer,
Cochran's "race card" kept me outta the slammer,
I'm the SC matinee idol turned homicidal,
the SC fans' are now actin' suicidal,
I beat woman and paths that are both 'Bridal'
Pete bleeped-up, the cheat just lost his title..."

LMAO@WHO again?
lmao@usc's more like it, I would think...
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