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Genesis Black Magic 17g

Stringing: This isn't too bad of a poly to string. The mains really aren't anything special. The only poly mains I've ever had trouble with were BHBR. Those kinked and coiled to the point of frustration. These didn't. Weaving the crosses here wasn't bad. I'd say above average. Without question Scorpion is the easiest poly to weave that I've found to date, but this is pretty limp. Didn't take me too long at all, no friction burn, no problems with knots and just a nice feeling poly in the hand. Strung at 51/51.

Groundstrokes: Man, this stuff has two qualities: power and softness. There is a tremendous amount of pop off of both wings, but it's disappointing because the stringbed is so soft. It's actually soft to the point of being mushy. The reason that's a problem is because you can't really tell how hard you're hitting the ball since the string absorbs just about every clue as to how much pace is there. Approach shots were troublesome, and I could not swing out with confidence on either wing because there just wasn't enough feedback. I had to really make sure I was using very soft hands otherwise the ball would easily fly long. Slices worked the same way. I could slice without fear of hitting out, but it wouldn't necessarily have the height or trajectory that I wanted. So all in all, Scorpion is a soft poly but is very responsive. This is just a soft poly.
Overall: 7.5/10

Serves: I am impressed. The stringbed provides quite a lot of pop. As far as polys go, it is I'd say above average on power. Spin potential, however, is extraordinary. It's not in the league of B5E or BHBR, but this stuff can create some serious action on the ball. Extremely comfortable as well, so I'm interested to see what it feels like under a complete test. Either way, I decided to do videos of each. Posted below is the serving video for the full bed:
Overall: 9.5/10

Volleys: Much in the same vein as the groundstrokes, being at the net with this stuff means you better win the point with a single volley. The strings are very soft, but that does not equate to feel like it does with natural gut.
Overall: 8/10

Durability: Nothing broken here, but the poly has begun to notch. That's a first (aside from Hexablade which is designed to do that quickly) in this thread, so I'm assuming that durability will be the lowest we've seen yet. As far as string movement, straight as a ruler.
Overall: 8/10

This is a good poly overall. Honestly though, it isn't my cup of tea. I like soft strings, but I do require feedback. This just doesn't have it. Although I haven't formally playtested it, Alien Black Diamond has the same qualities as this, but it's also responsive. This is just incredibly soft, so if you have arm problems, then maybe it's for you. It does create spin, but it's just moderate on that front. So what we're left with is a well priced, extremely soft poly.

Overall: 8.25/10
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