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Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
The black/lime is noticeably shallower than my Workhorse or white/obsidian.
You know it's funny, I had the idea that newer versions (2010 and onward) of the trend woven caps were shallower (that means the nano/white, black/lime, white/obsidian) than the 2009 model (black/white, white/black, charcoal/white). 2010 fits different from 2009, as most have concluded.

However, I just tried on a photo blue from this summer (2011) and it fits exactly like my white/black (2009) that I have been wearing around all summer long.

So those of you who like the fit of the older models, I would think that this year's caps (at least the Summer season) are fuller compared to 2010 TWCs.

Pictures coming shortly.

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