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Originally Posted by Mick View Post
i wanted one then i wanted another one, and another one....

You are cruel , sell me one

The other day at the courts I saw a kid with one, he didnīt know how
to play and was just having fun with his friends. I asked him if he
wanted to trade that old wood racket for a modern graphite pro kennex ,
he seemed exited, I hope he doesnīt have a change of heart

I wouldn't want you to lose a piece of history and a really cool racquet paint job. Everytime I see that Donnay I get sentimental about my dad coming home from matches and I would go through his tennis bag....
I wonīt use those Donnay, just the dunlop maxply, I love the paint on the allwood, itīs kind of matte and seems to be very easy to scratch
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