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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
Yes, we have two of them in the shop where I work. Very solid machine, and extremely easy to use and calibrate. You should have lots of fun.

Hi drakulie,

I do also have on Prince PTC, and its great!!!

I do have one question, when i try to "matched" my raquect I can not seem to do it right.

I take all the measurements ( balance, weight, SW) and with the help of TW University, I get to where are the lead tape at top and bottom.

Then I add them to the raquect, and when I get the SW in the PTC is more than the original result.

I think i´mdoing something wrong.

Can you explain to me the steps you follow (basics) to match a raquect, because it seems I´m doing something wrong.


my email is
(3) RF97 A 370.0 grams, 31.3 cm Balance, 352 SW, Gosen Sidewinder 17G @ 52 Gamma 6004 w/Wise 2086
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