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Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
In 2002, I believe he used the PS 6.0 85 but with the red HPS 6.0 95 Tour paintjob at the AO. Then he switched to the Tour 90 but with the same red HPS 6.0 95 Tour paintjob for the FO, Wimbledon, and USO.

Adding my two cents to the discussion ... I actually started a related thread last month that touched upon this subject:

Based on photos I've seen, in the 2002 AO, Federer actually used the HPS 6.1 with silver logo paintjob over his PS 85. 6.0. Check out the pics below to see Fed's silver HPS 6.1.

Federer continued using the silver HPS 6.1 paintjob through the 2002 Nasdaq Open (now Miami masters).

Federer then switched to his 90 sq. in. custom frame which featured the HPS 6.0 paintjob.

It's quite interesting (to me anyway) how Wilson first attempted to market the HPS 6.1 with Federer before deciding to promote the 6.0.

Hope this answer helps with the info you're seeking!
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