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Default 4.5jumping to open in pursuit of 1glorious atp point

Theres a few threads like this, but I wanted to share my goals with my fellow TT’ers and maybe this will help me achieve them. Like the title says my ultimate goal is to get 1 atp point, but knowing this may be impossible, my more achievable goal would be to do well enough in open tournies to make tennis cost nothing for me to play.

So lets start from the beginning. I started playing tennis as a kid with my family, took some lessons and played a few juniors events. Never did well and my mom stopped entering me because she didn’t wanna pay the entry fees anymore. I was born and raised in HB Orange County and played varsity at HBHS for 3 years quitting my senior year to work. After many years of only playing a few times a year I am now 26. Last july (summer of 2010) I for some reason really got back into tennis and have been working on getting better and now I want to take my game to the next level. I try to play any tourn I can in orange county, I play on a usta team, and play in ult tennis and I am now a decent 4.5 rated player and finally found a racquet string setup that I like and doesn’t hurt my arm.

This summer I plan on entering as many open tournaments as I can, and hopefully can qualify to get a spot in a futures qualifying round. If I can qualify, my goal will be to make the rnd of 16 and obtain one beautiful atp ranking point and become something like the 1500th best player in the world(sure would be sweet to be able to tell ppl this). As of yet I have only played one open tourn and lost in the first round, but have gotten way better since finding my strings the purchase of my PSTGT and klippermate. Based on this list I am only #27 in the 4.5, but this is based on 12 months of me not doing so well. I am a much better player than I was just 1month ago.

So for anyone that is interested I have compiled a list of tourns I will be playing this summer and will update as I go along. Ill update after each round of the tourn and maybe some mile stones as I go along. I might even keep a public record of how much I spend on tennis expenses and how much I win to see if I can achieve my play tennis for free goal.
These are my most recent tourns, but lost in the semis. The seal beach tourn I played a league match right before my semi match and just ran out of gas in the 2nd set.

2011 Jackie Tatum Classic
Lakewood Open
125th SCTA Open ( this would be sweet to win because winner get WC into UCLA atp250, highly unlikely though.
Santa Ana Open
Claremont Futures WC
Michael Change Tennis Classic or Cerritos Open (same weekend)
Laguna Niguel Futures Qualifier
Huntington Beach Open (my personal favorite because playing site is a block away)
Costa Mesa Futures Pre-Qualifying
Santa Monica (maybe if im up for the drive)
pstgt, BHBR-17@56/54lb's
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