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Originally Posted by yonexpurestorm View Post
This summer I plan on entering as many open tournaments as I can, and hopefully can qualify to get a spot in a futures qualifying round. If I can qualify, my goal will be to make the rnd of 16 and obtain one beautiful atp ranking point and become something like the 1500th best player in the world(sure would be sweet to be able to tell ppl this).
I'm actually curious - how do you exactly qualify for a spot in a Futures qualifying round? Do you have to have a national/sectional ranking or something? and how many people from the qualifying round get a spot in the main draw? and how big are futures tournaments usually, in terms of the draw size? 32, 64? (guess that depends on location and time of the year?)

I'm a 4.5 too but earning an ATP point has never even crossed my mind for a split second, ever. There are just way too many people much much better than me. I couldn't even win an intramural tournament at my school, and there're probably hundreds of people better than me in my town alone.

I don't know... maybe it's just me but I don't think it's anything to be proud of (and I wouldn't tell anyone either) even if by some freak accident I won 1 ATP point in a 16 people tournament in Africa or something. Sure it'd be a good conversation starter or a good pick-up line (heyyy i'm a professional tennis player ) but I just don't think I could say that with a straight face. Also can you imagine all the people who would challenge you to play a set?? haha...
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