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I really think Nike could do a better job with the PJs of Rogi's shoes. The ones they did for him at the beginning of the year in Australia, Dubai and Indian Wells, as well as parts of Miami were almost identical, but they were still mostly V6s. Even if there is something they really can't include from the V8 because of Roger's preferences, they could at least make the cut out panels and try and get the colour pops in the right places.

Picture courtesy of FabFed:

You can see from FabFed's pictures, the main difference is the full length Lunarlon outsole, which Roger obviously doesn't like, which is also why I assume they're going back to Zoom Air next year. But they could make a bit more effort to conceal the fact that he's using a shoe two years out of rotation, whilst marketing some new stuff he doesn't even like.
I mean, if you're gonna lie about the stuff he's using, at least do a good job, right?
Roger love. True class Rogi.
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