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I have used a 1hbh from the start, cuz i always wanted to be like Federer (foolish, ik). But the main thing is it is still harder to coordinate your legs, trunk, shoulder, and wrist(the kinetic shain for the 1hbh) than it is for the 2hbh. i mean, I worked on my 1 hander for 2 months, then tried a 2 hander for fun, and the 1hbh was only slightly better! Plus, you need to have developed leg muscles and shoulder musces for a powerful 1hbh, and an all court game, but which take time to develop. the 2 hbh you can say: bring the armss back, then forward again. not for the 1hbh! It might help i started at 11 instead of really young (im 13 now, btw, and my BH s better than most of my peers 2hbhs)
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