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Since at the moment you seem to be a high 4.5 - transitioning into 5.0, why don't you enter some 5.0 tournaments where you will be competitive and not as many open/pre-qualifying. Yes, it will give you some knowledge of the competition getting whacked 6-0, 6-1 or something like that once in a while by a true open or futures player, but it will probably help you develop more playing 5.0 people who are just a little better than you where you can have a competitive match. Yes, you may get a 4.0 you can beat up on in an open tournament, but that isn't helping your game. Once you start doing well in 5.0s, transition to more opens and less 5.0 tournaments.Going from 4.5 to beating 6.0s is a big leap to take all at once. If you really want to do this, it's going to take a lot of hard work and dedication - do you have a life other than tennis? (wifes and such frown on this)
i actually wish i could do this. most of the tourns here in orange county have a good draw size for 4.5 and open, but the 5.0 or 5.5 are rarely over 5 ppl. this is because the 5.0+ ppl will enter the open or sandbag into a 4.5 tourn. the latest tourn i played in seal beach actually had a decent 5.5 because there was no open. i didnt expect this or i prob would have tried 5.5. its usually not worth the money if theres only 5 ppl. since i dont have any kids i try and play 5 times a week, but finding good competition is hard, and i never really get a chance to just drill which is big. my gf isnt too happy about all the tennis i play, but she knows it makes me happy.

I'm actually curious - how do you exactly qualify for a spot in a Futures qualifying round? Do you have to have a national/sectional ranking or something? and how many people from the qualifying round get a spot in the main draw? and how big are futures tournaments usually, in terms of the draw size? 32, 64? (guess that depends on location and time of the year?)

I'm a 4.5 too but earning an ATP point has never even crossed my mind for a split second, ever. There are just way too many people much much better than me. I couldn't even win an intramural tournament at my school, and there're probably hundreds of people better than me in my town alone.
usually the futures tourns will have 32 in the main draw and i think like 32 in the qualy draw where only 4 ppl will get a Q spot into the main draw. the qualies u need a ranking either itf or locally to be directly accepted. otherwise you will need to play a tourn like the costa mesa tourn with the link in the orignal post to qualify for the qualifying draw.
as for earning at atp point, i would be very proud of this. in order to get one atp point you need to make the round of 16 in the main draw of a futures event. to do this you would need to win the costa mesa prequalifying, then win 3 or 4 matches in the qualifying, and then one match in the main draw. not an easy feat. i wouldnt tell people bragging about it, more in a novelty way saying your considered the 1500th best player in the world. however pursuing one point would be more for something to strive towards so i can train and feel like its for something.

Hey mate
I will also be playing in the Jackie Tatum Classic and the Lakewood Open. If you are interested, do you want to play doubles with me? as i am in search for a partner for both tourny's
i might be able to play some doubles in the lakewood. i already have a partner for the jackie tatum if the doubs draw gets large enough. once the tourn gets a little closer and we see how large the draw gets ill let you know. but im always down to hit for practice if ur ever in the long beach orange county area
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