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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
well, I could tell you this,,,,, I live at a tennis club (literally) with 23 tennis courts. Nearly everyone who has tennis elbow has it because of the terrible form on their forehands. They try to snap their wrist, contort their forearms, etc, in order to "achieve more spin".

To add, whenever I see someone walking onto the court with a contraption to alleviate thier tennis elbow and watch them play, it is once again thier terrible form (especially on the forehand).

Same applies at the shop where I string. They take practice cuts on thier forehand side and same thing.
Then our experiences are different. In my experience, the backhand and equipment cause way more cases than the forehand. Google any sports doctor and tennis elbow and they say the same thing. Many players have bad form on their forehands, bad take backs, bad shoulder rotation, many most cases it just does not lead to tennis elbow like a 1HB or stiff frames and strings do.
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