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Originally Posted by martini1 View Post
Here's clip of Fed as a junior.

Looks like he used the PS 6.0 85 so it is quite logical to say he used the frame for AO 99 and USO 99.

Thanks for your input!

Cool video of Fed as a junior.

Youíre probably correct in that Federer used the PS6.0 85 throughout '99. (Plus, Fedís likely to use BLX 90 for this yearís Wimbledon and USO). I just couldn't find any photos to definitively document these facts.

For credibility sake, I always make it a rule to avoid stating something as fact unless I can officially verify with pictures. As you know, some here can get pretty critical, so I make sure I can back up my words with photos.

That said, does anyone know if Federer even played in the 99 AO or USO? I couldnít find any pictures of him nor could I find any stats of him for these tournaments.

Thanks for the comments.
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