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Originally Posted by junbumkim View Post
Don't you think there is a pressure on the coaches and players to show results throughout their junior career? If a junior player is struggling b/c of one hander and not winning matches, not many parents / players are going to persevere through it. Not many parents are going to have 100% faith in a coach who is unable to produce result and they think is destroying the kid's career. It has nothing to do with work ethic or dilligence.
Sure, I agree with that. All I'm saying is that the vibe on the 1H vs 2H discussions are usually 1H is superior and 2H is easier and that is why its prevalent in today's game. I think that's over-simplifying it. While I do think it's easier to learn and win early with a 2HBH, I think it's as good, or for many players better than a 1HBH, especially with the pace of the game today.

Take an example like Djokovic, who has been trained to be a pro since an early age. I would bet his parents and various coaches discussed which to play, but 2HBH was taught, and I'm convinced it was for more than the fact that it was easier or made him win early. That's all I'm pointing out.
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