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Drak, I've seen many "golfer's elbow" (aka server's elbow) developed from poor mechnics on the forehands side...never tennis elbow. It is almost biomechanically impossible since there is almost no stress to the lateral epicondyle of the elbow on the forehand. There IS stress to the medial epicondyle of the elbow on the forehand.

I suspect that you may see players who developed tennis elbow via backhand issues and simply are unaware of how they got it or that when it hurts it can hurt on all shots, forehands included, when the inflamation is bad.
Thank you! Excellent explanation. "Tennis elbow" is a specific malady as you explained, inflammation of the lateral epicondyle. The cause does not come from a bad forehand technique.

There are of course other injuries to the elbow that are not tennis elbow as per the definition. And as you also said, it can also hurt when you hit a forehand. But that does not mean the origination was the forehand.
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