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I am very interested in this debate because I grew up as a self taught tennis player. Learned by hitting against the side of a building in grass and watching tennis on TV. Still have not had a professional lesson. I have a 1HBH...and have attempted a 2HBH with absolutely no success. I have always thought that a 1HBH is something that people go to because it feels right to them instead of being taught. So along comes my daughter who shows some athletic ability. I try to teach her a 1HBH because I figure that she, like me, will find it comfortable...but she struggles. Showed her how to grip a 2HBH and it clicks with her. Has a great 2HBH. So....another one of my questions coaches/teachers take what "feels" right to a person into consideration when they are learning either a 1 or 2HBH?
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