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Ok, lets be honest. This is a very unrealistic goal. There's no way you can go from a 4.5 to going through a futures qualifying to get to a main draw of a pro tournament and win a match there to get a point.

The level at these tournaments is so have no idea. A 4.5 will get crushed, even a 5.0 or 5.5 will lose every time. And I mean every time.

I know of former pros around your age or older that have had ATP points in the past and still consistently lose at qualifying rounds of challengers and futures. And I mean lose 6-1, 6-0. Those days are gone for you.

Keep playing a lot of tennis, try to consistently win at the 4.5 level. Then progress to 5.0.

But you're 26, not 16. You don't play and train 8 hours a day like the aspirational pros do. ATP points are out of the question.

A better goal would be to try to compete and win cash at Open tournaments one day.
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