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Originally Posted by jdubbs View Post
Ok, lets be honest. This is a very unrealistic goal. There's no way you can go from a 4.5 to going through a futures qualifying to get to a main draw of a pro tournament and win a match there to get a point.

The level at these tournaments is so have no idea. A 4.5 will get crushed, even a 5.0 or 5.5 will lose every time. And I mean every time.

I know of former pros around your age or older that have had ATP points in the past and still consistently lose at qualifying rounds of challengers and futures. And I mean lose 6-1, 6-0. Those days are gone for you.

Keep playing a lot of tennis, try to consistently win at the 4.5 level. Then progress to 5.0.

But you're 26, not 16. You don't play and train 8 hours a day like the aspirational pros do. ATP points are out of the question.

A better goal would be to try to compete and win cash at Open tournaments one day.
There is some truth to this. You'd have to beat someone like Jeff Tarango
who still sometimes plays this pre-qualifying open tournaments.
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