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Read my earlier post too: It is EXTREMELY rare to see a player first learn to hit two-handed not be able to hit one-handed backhands well. Nor do I find it a difficult transition for two-handers to move to a one-handed backhand if they find they just feel that is their stroke. HOWEVER, I have seen hundreds of players who first learned one-handed try to learn two-handed backhands with far greater difficulty and usually with most reverting back to their inferior but more comfortable one-handed backhand.

None of the guys with 2 hander I hit with could execute one hander very well...Guys from 5.0 to 4.0 level...

I have a one hander, started with one hander. And, when I tried 2 hander for the first time, it actually wasn't all that bad. Coaches have mentioned it looked pretty good and one has actually asked if I ever worked on it...

A few years later, I started to tinker with it a little bit here and there, and I didn't have much trouble with stroke production at all..Actually, it had gotten better. The difficulty came with footwork and movement with 2 hander, which was different from one hander. And, I didn't have the time or energy trying to switch..

My one hander gotten better and better somehow, and it's actually not too bad..
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